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New book release date of August 2021!

Please watch this fun video.

June 3, 2021

It's been way too long since I've updated here and here is why...

Besides a year of dealing with a pandemic, all of life's normal activities, along with trying to get our house ready to sell and just celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary, I have been super busy with researching, writing, editing and editing a new and exciting novel!

Many of you have been anxiously awaiting the next book in the Jana Behringer storyline and the next chapter of Jana & Nathan Behringer's story is still to come.  However, at this time I'm excited to announce that the new novel is the product of having my husband, Bo Daniels, work along side me as co-writer and will feature two new main characters - PJ & Sissy Blue Wolf. They are both Native American, PJ being from the Colville Reservation in Washington State and Sissy being Chiricahua Apache from Arizona. This new novel is titled Secrets of Coyote Canyon and is the first of a trilogy.

Thrilling? Yes! Suspenseful? Definitely! Adventurous? Absolutely! True love? Yep, that too!  There are even times when you will find yourself laughing.

We are eagerly looking forward to tying things up in order to release the book by our estimated date of August 1st to be launched in person at the Stampede in Omak, WA.

I'm sharing a couple of photos with you of those who have helped us along our way of gathering information and making sure everything is written so as not to offend - our sensitivity beta-reader, Chester Butler, and from Omak, Lili Garcia, who we met with and interviewed at the rodeo grounds of the Omak Stampede.

Please stay tuned here, on Facebook of Jolene Sladekova and on Facebook of co-writer, Bo Daniels, for any and all updates regarding the exciting release of our new novel, Secrets of Coyote Canyon!  -Jolene

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July 31, 2020

Just sent in my current story for the August issue in the Belfair Bugle. When I saw on the news about the new hockey team, The Seattle Kraken, it inspired me to write.

"Hey Man, What's Kraken?" will be out in both paper and online format on August 15th. Hope you enjoy it. - Jolene

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April 15, 2020

As most of us are following the wise advice and in some places the actual government stay-at-home order, we are all looking for things to keep us busy and happy. Some are planting gardens and making craft items, some are sewing masks and gowns to help out with this current great need, and some are singing and dancing (check out my dance moves here and please dance along with me).

This positive side effect has many of us are reverting back to the olden days or as my daughter used to say, “the black and white days”. Even though we are all using more modern technology as we spend countless hours on our electronic devices communicating, researching, studying, gaming, reading, zooming and more, a big majority seem to be coming up with ideas and taking actions that reflect a time decades and even generations before all these modern conveniences began consuming our lives, i.e. people are getting back to nature by gardening and wild crafting. They are discovering the people who live in their home by being forced to be together as a family, actually speaking to each other face to face rather than just moving their thumbs on a device.  Yes, they're talking, laughing, cooking and playing games together. People are opening up their minds to crafts long forgotten, using their imagination to creatively come up with necessary items; recycling and re-purposing are becoming the norm as ones reuse things they would have typically thrown in the trash, even sewing cloth/re-usable toilet paper and paper towels.

We live out in the country and just yesterday I saw a couple pull up at the edge of our driveway and do (what used to be offensively termed) a ‘Chinese fire drill’. For those of the younger generations who may not know what that is, it is a comical activity that became popular back in the 50’s (you can view it on a re-run of Happy Days). It then resurfaced in the 70’s, and looks like it may be coming back again. It's when you come to a red light and everyone jumps out and runs around the car and whoever is behind the wheel when the light turns green is the driver. Kind of like a musical chairs for cars. What fun! I guess these kind of imaginative and innovative activities and items are the silver lining in the terrible coat of COVID-19 that we are all wearing.

What I should be doing is writing, but I really just have had no time to do so yet as I’ve been busy with gardening, making homemade sauerkraut, kimchi and other healthy culinary items, natural products with essential oils, sewing masks and reusable cloth wipes, sorting through my rocks… which as a life-long rock hound, I have a ton of rocks... dancing, and even walking. What have you been doing to stay physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy?

Many of us will come through this with stronger and more robust feeling-and-looking bodies due to all the walking, gardening, singing, dancing and other physical healthy choices we now find ourselves engaged in. But it’s not just us….it's also our home. We are now making good use of the time we have forced upon us to thoroughly scrub, clean, sort, paint, reorganize, remodel and simplify our living space. Yes, we now have the time to not only start, but most likely finish, all those projects we’ve been wanting to do. Until we can all once again be out there working, socializing and otherwise being around people, may you all stay creatively busy and healthy as we weather out this pandemic storm together.

March 25, 2020

On March 6, 2020 my hubby, myself and our two dogs took off in our truck pulling a 30' trailer for what was to be a month long book tour from Washington State to Arizona. We took back roads both to avoid the strong EMFs and traffic that are on major highways, besides fulfilling the desire for new experiences in our lives, as you never know what new and exciting things you may see or that happen when you take the road less traveled.

We took our time, enjoying the slow drive. We had made it to Mammoth Lakes, California on Monday when I got a text from my sister who lives in Tucson saying that the large Tucson Festival of Books (the main reason for the trip) had been cancelled due to over 100 authors backing out. This was before the mandatory order of no large groups was given. At that point we decided it best to turn around and head back home.

While staying at Summer Lake Hot Springs in southern Oregon, I was asked to speak to the students at the local school in the little town of Paisley. The students were super and it was a wonderful experience for me. They even treated us to dinner at the one and only restaurant in town. Due to a freak snowstorm that blew into central Oregon, we were instructed to head over the mountains as the roads we were going to take were treacherous with ice. We made it to Sisters Oregon in the Cascades when the snowstorm became blizzard-like. After telling Danny that I was too terrified to pull a 30' trailer over the pass in this weather, he too became convinced that we needed to try to find a place to stay. Thankfully, there was a nice RV park a couple miles back that took us in. That night our water pump and pipes froze and the starter went out in our truck.

Oh the adventures I have on road trips! Eventually we were able to get on the road again and made it home safe and still healthy.

I have spent the past week trying to catch up on life. For those of you who have read my first book, you know it is about a road trip during a summer heatwave. Well, this most recent road trip has given me new material for my next novel, taking place on a winter road trip this time.

Here are a few photos from the trip.

May you all stay healthy and happy during this time of crisis.

February 28, 2020

Radio interview on ifiberonenewsradio.com about Jolene's book!

"Local author Jolene Sladekova came on Daybreak with Jeff and Spencer to talk about her book "The Mouth, The Heat and a Bus Load of Hippies". The book talks about her travel experience moving from Arizona to Washington." CLICK HERE to listen.

February 20, 2020

On February 20, 2020 at 2:00 pm I was interviewed by Peter Stockwell representing KLAW (Kitsap Literary Artists & Writers) on the sound stage of BKAT (Bremerton Kitsap Access Television). This interview will be aired locally on March 6, 2020 at 6:00 pm (Wavecable Channel 3 or Comcast Channel 12) or can be streamed at BKAT.org. It will also be available for viewing on Youtube and KLAW’s website.

Here are a few photos from the interview (apologies for the blurry sound stage shot).

February 3, 2020

Something really bizarre happened yesterday that I have to tell you all about. As we were driving on Hwy 101 heading from Shelton to Olympia, all of a sudden our truck went absolutely crazy! Suddenly all four automatic door locks starting going up and down and all dash and inside lights started going off and on. Thankfully my hubby was driving as I would have freaked out. We were both frightened by what was happening. He was able to pull off to the side of the road, but while doing so, the truck began downshifting quickly and harshly, all on it’s own, which included coming to a screeching halt while the whole truck was jerking and bouncing to a stop. Hubby said he was afraid it was going into reverse and he had no control over anything.

And then….everything stopped.

No lights, no noise, no motion. We just looked at each other trying to figure out what the heck just happened! It was as if someone blasted us with an EMF (electromagnetic) pulse. After about five minutes, it started right up and ran fine the rest of the day. About 100 yards down the road from us was another car pulled over and we wondered if they had just had the same experience as us.

I called a mechanic in Shelton this afternoon and explained what happened, letting him know that we need to get this checked out, especially since we will be pulling a travel trailer with this truck on a month long trip to Arizona in March. He asked, “Did you call this morning?”. I informed him that I did not. He then said, “That is really weird. Someone else called me this morning and said the exact same thing just happened to them, starting with the door locks going up and down". He told me that he’s never heard of this before and to have two calls on the same day was a little unnerving.

Bizarre? Oh yeah! But…such is my life.

January 25, 2020

Gig Harbor Book Party last Saturday (25th) was a success! Thank you to all that attended and purchased books.  Click here to see photos of the fun event!

January 22, 2020

The Book Launch Party in Port Orchard last Friday was a success! Good reviews are coming in from those who attended. Check out the pictures here on the Events Photos page!  You will have one more opportunity to attend a Book Signing in ‘party’ format - this coming Saturday (25th) in Gig Harbor at Round Table Pizza. Please check out Events page if you are interested. Here are a few photos from Fridays event.

January 13, 2020  Flat Tire Anyone??

Back in early December I did a meet-&-greet with a couple of my would-be readers. They were a kind and fun couple who invited us into their home in McCormick Woods. While clueing them in on how and where I get the inspiration for my stories, I shared with them just one example of the types of ‘incidents’ and ‘adventures’ that I’ve been blessed with my entire life. This one had to do with flat tires.I was telling them about how I once had a Suburban that got not 1, not 2, not even 3… but 8 flat tires within a matter of weeks. Then the same thing happened less than ten years later with a Camaro I owned. As I was freaking out, my husband told me not to worry, that everyone gets flat tires. “Okay", I told him, “so when was the last time you had just ONE flat tire?” He couldn’t think of a time. Right, just what I thought. I definitely had a right to worry. 

The couple got a good laugh out of it and were assured that I had LOTS of stories to tell of strange things happening in my life.

So, the following day after visiting with the couple, we took a drive out to Ocean Shores and spent a few hours. My hubby was pretty tired when we started back so I went ahead and took over driving. I had barely gone one mile when my truck was giving me a warning signal that there was only 2-PSI in my front left tire. What?? I hadn't really heard or felt anything. I pulled over and got out and looked. Wow, the truck was right. It was so flat it was on the rim. Danny just looked at me, shook his head and tried not to stumble over his words. “Yep, if it’s gonna happen, it’s gonna happen to you!” 

Thankfully we were in town and had just passed the tire store. The mechanic came and put air in the tire, which barely lasted the short drive back. Even worse than the fact of it happening to me was that because our truck is all-wheel drive, we had to purchase FOUR new tires. Our little jaunt to the beach ended up costing us $1300 in tires! I guess I shouldn’t have told that story the night before.

January 9, 2020


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January 8, 2020

While sitting in our car on the beach at Ocean Shores recently, a seagull decided he needed to have a conversation with us. After not getting the attention he needed through our roof's skylight, he decided he'd have better success getting right in our face. Thus, he jumped down onto the hood directly in front of me and proceeded to give us a grand chewing out.

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December 19, 2019

Books have arrived!  Click here to order!

December 15, 2019  

A funny thing happened last night as we decided to make one more stop on our way home from doing a bit of marketing for my book release. Being that it was around 8:00 in the evening on a northern winter night, my husband kindly dropped me off in front of the entrance doors to a hotel so that I didn’t have to walk through the dark and wet parking lot. Of course, by dropping me off, that meant that I had no clue as to where he parked, though I knew he would try to park as close to the front doors as possible.

It only took me a few minutes to conduct my business with the night manager. Having finished up inside, I stepped back out into the night and after adjusting my vision to the darkness, I spotted our black truck nearby.

My hubby must’ve seen me as he started up the vehicle allowing me to make my way to him easier with our headlights now lighting my way. I took quick but careful steps over to the truck, opened the passenger door and began to climb inside. Hearing the honk of a vehicle somewhere behind me, I looked up and saw the surprised look of the woman sitting in the drivers seat of the vehicle I was now climbing into. Oh my gosh! “Oops! Sorry, wrong vehicle,” I sputtered out to the shocked woman as I took quick steps backwards out of her SUV and onto the pavement. I sure am glad she didn’t have any pepper spray in her hand. And the honk I heard? Yes, it was my husband, laughing with amusement as he watched the whole thing transpire.

Such is my life. How about yours? Have any of you made that same blunder?

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