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Review in the March 2020 edition of the North Mason Lighthouse

Joyce M.  "I recently purchased and read Secrets of Coyote Canyon. I really enjoyed the read – history, warmth, humor and mystery all entwined together. The characters seemed very real and well developed. It was easy to read and kept my interest. I look forward to sharing it with my book club. Now for the negative part – I have to wait for the next book in the trilogy!”

Rick S., Tough guy living in Mexico  Being an avid reader of interesting books, when I got a hold of The Secrets of Coyote Canyon, I couldn’t put it down and read the whole thing in one evening. It was a page turner. The storyline hooks you and doesn’t allow you to put it down. I love the setting and all the facts included about the Southwest, besides all the adventure, mystery and intrigue. The interactions and relationships between all the characters draw you in, making you want to be there with them. You can really relate to who they are, what they’re going through and how they react to it all. I enjoyed the personalities, loyalty, integrity and intelligence of PJ and Sissy. I think my favorite character was Sal, as I loved his personality. I just couldn’t figure him out, whether he was a good guy or a bad one, until the surprise ending. Overall, it was very readable, interesting and I’m patiently waiting for the second book in the trilogy.

B. Moldenhauer I really, really enjoyed your book Secrets of Coyote Canyon. Totally believable characters. Fast paced and interesting story line. I could visualize every scene. So very entertaining that I wish I didn’t have to wait for the next book! Thanks for the Ride! P. S. I’m looking forward to seeing the movie!

T. Stevens Just finished Secrets of Coyote Canyon. What a page turner! I fell in love with Sissy and PJ. It is wonderful to read a book that depicts loyal companions who problem solve. There are heroes and villains throughout the story and guessing which is which makes the journey through the pages so much fun. Jolene, you and Bo are a talented duo. The character development is so well written, I have clear pictures of each of the fine, and not so fine people of Coyote Canyon. Well done. And nice tip of the hat to our dear friend Nelson Tsosie.

Joanne S.  Well written! The story, Secrets of Coyote Canyon, came together nicely and has me looking forward to the next one! I am even buying copies of each book to gift to the local library.

Ron Adamson/Sculptor  Jolene's book "The Mouth The Heat and A Busload of Hippies" takes you through the real life hassles of making the "Major Move" across the country. This wonderful read, brought back memories of my traveling from Winslow Arizona to Las Vegas and then to Ely Neveda. Jolene compares "The Loneliest Hiway" (Nevade 50) to Nevada 93. Having traveled that desolate part of Nevada made for Jolene's wonderful description of the tense moments in dealing with a failing truck and the incompetent help you seem to get in, today's service industry. Especially in the dead zone for cell service. An exciting book, lots of laughs, tense moments, truly a great adventure. Well written!

CRdeSoto  I love this book! For many reasons, so I will name just a few: It made me laugh, then cry, then laugh, laugh, laugh. I read it during the day and in the middle of the night and would laugh audibly. Namely because I think we all know someone who fits the description of the “MOUTH”. We try to be kind to them, but they irritate us to death! AND we all, no doubt, have had to deal with those companies that do not perform as they should...which is an understatement. I also love to travel so I enjoyed the vivid descriptions of the areas traveled together with historical data, nice extra. This book was a delightful read. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

A.Fischer  Love the book! Having a hard time putting it down! You write beautifully and have such a lively perspective. Obviously a special gift and refreshing spirit! Thank you for crossing our path, it enriches us. 🥰 I plan to purchase several copies for book loving friends & relatives.

TRDerryBerry  "I use to be a person who didn't go anywhere without a book nearby. After losing my husband 2 years ago, I haven't felt like reading at all. But I picked up this book and couldn't put it down, 5 hours later I was done and wanted more! Get busy on a new adventure for us!"

Grogan/Fellow Traveler at Heart! "I sat down and read from beginning to end in the same evening this amazing story of human endurance! Bravo Jolene! To your tenacity and unwillingness to give in to one misfortune after another. We can all learn lessons from your journey of adventure and triumph over what life throws at us. Looking forward to the next road trip! "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing" Helen Keller"

T. Stevens, Arizona  "What a great first book in the Jana and Nathan Behringer series. I could not put it down and so I finished it in one day. It was fun to tag along with this dedicated couple and their travel companions, two and four legged alike. I identify with Jana, in being a planner. She adjusted to the frustration of her plans with humor and adaptability. Enjoy the ride with her and Nathan and the varied characters they meet along the way. Chapter 2 is a lovely farewell of a love letter to Arizona. For any who have had to leave a beloved place, due to circumstances beyond their control, your heartstrings will tug. Jolene, please keep putting random song references in your writings! Can't wait for the next adventure! "

G. Rogers/Author/Editor  "I think Jolene did a lovely job on her  book. I LOVE the story! I am applauding her. She is GREAT at educating people and her book is educational, fun and descriptive. Heck, she knows so much about Arizona, she could market aspects of the book to travel magazines. I have so enjoyed this book.  She has an amazing mind, so keep the ideas flowing Jolene.” 

C. Rock/Beta Reader  “I love Jolene's book. I couldn’t stop once I started…I was up until midnight.” 

MJ/Retired school teacher/Beta reader  “I enjoyed Jolene's story. I was interested and wanted to know how this ‘nightmare’ unfolded and ultimately how it was resolved. I found myself wanting to know about this Sean dude. She did a beautiful job describing areas that I know and the areas that I’ve never been to. She made me want to visit those, although, not under those circumstances. Her thorough research made her storytelling so interesting! 

KB/Beta Reader  "Everyone has at least one thing that brings them pure unadulterated joy, something that ignites in us a passion for living. Some of us have been fortunate enough to discover what that thing is.

For myself as well as Jolene, among the many things that bring us joy we have found the one thing that truly makes us exited to be alive - hitting the open road. Now while travel can be fun, most of us hate to pack up and move, but not so for people like us. That is when things get truly exiting. There is something about the excitement of uncertainty, the hope for better things to come and the promise that either way it will be an adventure and one more story to tell.

It takes a lot to kill a passion like that and while Jolene still has itchy feet and a heart that yearns for new horizons, this is the story of the death of passion. Lots of things can be traumatic and life changing - irritation and frustration should not be... but they were. It’s like turning back on a hiking trail because of a headache and having to continually pick rocks out of your shoes, swat at flies and spider webs, get stung by bees and mosquitoes, step in quicksand and get chased by a bear all the way back. At no point in this story do Jolene or Nathan themselves through their own incompetence, lack of foresight, or any other mistake or misgiving find themselves in a situation that made them rethink their decision to move since the move was instigated by ever worsening health problems. That being said, they continually found themselves in situations and surrounded by people that made them decide that this was the last move - at least out of state.

As you read the horror stories of the trip you would think you might come to the same conclusion to stay put but that’s not the case. Along the way Jolene’s narrative paints a picture of the passing scenery and people she meets and visits that you can’t help but want to see them for yourself. Jolene and Nathan’s misadventures, as bad as they were, still weren’t bad enough to kill the hope that maybe you could head out and see the same sights, smell the same smells, meet the same people and come back with a story that lacked all of the bad. When you read a story like this you can’t help but feel after putting it down that maybe the next time you hit the road or step outside your front door you’ll have an adventure coming your way and if you don’t, you can always pick this one up again or wait for the next one to hit the shelves."

  • Joyce Major

    on May 31, 2023

    I finished the 2nd book in the Secrets of Coyote Canyon series. It keeps your interest and is very hard to put down. I really appreciated that a “Cast of Characters” page was included. That helped me tie it to the first book. Was also fun to read of different geography and cultures. And of course, I am excited to hear when your next book is published.

  • Sherry Evaschuk

    on April 24, 2023

    You just KNOW you've found and exceptional writer when you experience the plethora of emotions such as I did with Secrets of Coyote Canyon (both books 1 and 2)! From anger, frustration and anxiety, to love, beauty and adventure...and all the emotions in between! This story had me on the edge of my seat the whole time! Such exquisite detail of both land and life, mixed together with a captivating tale, Jolene and Bo have outdone themselves...or have they?! Can't wait to read in the next one! Thanks to you both for making my little world a lot more exciting!

  • Ron Adamson

    on November 17, 2021

    "Secrets of Coyote Canyon" one of the better books I've read. Once you get into "the story" your not going to be able to put the book down. I was disappointed to come to the last page and realize that this great story just ended. "Secrets of Coyote Canyon" will keep you following Sissy and PJ and make you feel like you know them. A wonderful book authored by two people. Bo and Jolene did an excellent job in researching this story to make it real. If you haven't read this book yet, get your own copy and make the trip from Omak to Coyote Canyon with Sissy and PJ. Congratulations Bo and Jolene on your book!!

  • Cory Bealer

    on July 22, 2021

    This book was a real roller-coaster ride. I know nearly everyone in the book. So for me I felt every moment as if I was right there.
    I laughed, cried and I felt the frustration and the overwhelming emotions as if I was there with them. Everything is so clearly written. That I found myself completely immersed in the story very quickly. This book should be rated [E] for everyone.
    I look forward to any future books because much like the author her writing style is a breath of fresh air. Thank you for sharing this story with us!

  • Sherry Evaschuk

    on June 15, 2021

    From the moment I started reading, I was enraptured! I resonated with so many of the emotions, and even some of the experiences. What a ride this story takes you on! Just WOW! lol

  • Edison Deere

    on April 29, 2021

    Never have i ever felt the need to do a review of a book. This one just knocked my socks off. The wording , the painting of the pictures, the
    anguish, the tears , the joy. They were all present. I asked myself how does a person continue , Faith and Love, knowing change was good.
    John Deere, Tacoma

  • PlatingEngineer Randy

    on February 25, 2021

    I'm going to give "The Mouth, The Heat and a Busload of Hippies" 5/5 stars because I felt like I was traveling along with Jana and Nathan Behringer on their (mis)adventure. Let's hear more from Sladekova!

  • Mary Brinkman

    on December 8, 2020

    Reading has been my 'drug of choice' since I was a child. It has become increasing more difficult to find stories that are entertaining, realistic but not dark and engaging. I love this story! Having lived in Arizona most all my life and traveled to California, Oregon, Nevada and Washington, many of the places and landmarks are familiar. I laughed, cried, enjoyed the adventure and fell in love with the characters! I read it from start to finish in just a few days. Next question, when will the next episode be out???

  • Vicki Dault

    on June 18, 2020

    Over the years, I have read a number of books that have taken me on adventures & experiences that I have very much enjoyed .... but this book, "The Mouth, the Heat and a Busload of Hippies" took me on a trip that touched my emotions from excitement, sadness, anger and frustration. I even teared up a few times being right there with the author. The book captured my attention from the beginning and I could not put it down until I finished it. Thanks so much Jolene Sladekova for sharing this journey with all of us. Will be looking forward to your next publication. A happy reader I am.
    Bill Dault - Tucson Arizona

  • Tonya Rollins

    on March 25, 2020

    What a great read and well written book. I was able to ride along with Jana, Nathan, and Sean through their many misadventures because of how well written the book is. Thank you for letting me ride along on the journey.

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