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Why did you write your first book?

“I’ve always been a story teller, whether verbal or written. This book had it’s beginnings during the time I was sharing what happened on our move with friends and our attorney. The friends voiced their shock at our nightmare, while our attorney told me I had a good way of writing and that I should write a book about this move!"

Who should read your books?

“I think everyone should! Those I think who will especially appreciate it are ones who have had any kind of disaster while traveling, menopausal women or men who are married to one, dog lovers, naturalists, those who are led by wanderlust and of course just anyone who loves a good, short read full of emotion, full of adventure and full of interesting geographical facts."

You don't seem to get overly frazzled through the experiences you've related in The Mouth, The Heat and a Busload of Hippies.  How do you stay strong?

“Having lived a life full of unexpected ‘adventures’ I have come to expect the unexpected and the unwanted. I have learned how to make lemonade from all the lemons that have continued to drop into my life journey."

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What is your favorite book?

“That’s a hard one. I’d have to say that if there was a natural disaster and I had to grab only one book to bring with me, that book would be my Bible. But when it comes to reading just for entertainment, I really can't choose one favorite, though I do have my favorite genre - I love a good mystery!"

Which authors have inspired you?

“Having been an extreme bookworm my whole life, it is hard to choose who has inspired me the most.  If I have to narrow it down, I would have to say my go-to authors and thus my inspiration must come firstly from Agatha Christi. Also, having spent most of my life in both the places J.A. Jance writes about (Arizona and Washington states), I love her characters and intriguing stories. When it comes to a lighter genre, I have gotten a lot of inspiration from Patrick McManus. My short stories tend to be written in the same manner that he does, seeing the humor in life’s trials, afflictions and unplanned adventures.  Then, I enjoy novels that incorporate real geographical info into their books like Sue Henry and Clive Custler and those who take a ‘lighter’ approach to mysteries like Mary Daheim and the numerous authors who write and publish a Berkley Prime Crime Mystery."

What made you decide to use the picture on the back of your first book?

“While I was in the writing process, a childhood friend visited. During her stay I read to her what I had already completed. Her feedback was great encouragement for me, as when I would pause and put the book down, she would say, “I want to know what happens next.”  But the best suggestion she gave me was about the photo. Having known me for over 40 years, she told me that photo captures the real me, encompassing my whole being and personality and thus it made the back cover."

Can we expect more books from you?

“Yes, yes, yes. My head has been spinning for years with book ideas. Now that I’ve finally taken the first step in writing and publishing my first novel, there will definitely be more to follow. The ‘Emergency Roadside Nightmare' is the first in what will be a series involving the character Jana Behringer, her husband and their dogs. Even their wayward cousin will make an appearance here and there. But there are other works of fiction and nonfiction besides a short story compilation in the manner of Patrick McManus in the works also."

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