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January 21, 2022

As many of you know, after the release of my first novel in December 2019 and the success of two release parties in January 2020, I had been accepted as an Indie Author at the Tucson Festival of Books. This was super exciting to me for two reasons - 1) I was raised in Tucson, and 2) it is a huge event attracting authors and readers from all over the country and beyond.

We were on our way from Washington State to Arizona for a month-long book tour with the highlight being the Tucson festival. My hubby, myself and our two dogs had barely hit the road with our truck and travel trailer when - BAM! - we were abruptly stopped by a monster of a virus, Covid-19. We had made it as far as central California before turning around and heading back home (which is a story in itself as we got stuck in a snowstorm in the Cascades). Little did we know then how much this tiny pathogen would affect everyone’s life, not just locally, but around the world. Many of us have lost friends or family to this evil ‘bug’, as we struggle to continue on, doing our best to adjust and adapt to our new way of living.

Now two years later, with a new breed of Covid raging, the festival is all set to be live, in person, and I was once again accepted. But there is a big difference this year - I am now living in Arizona, so it’s only a two-hour drive from home, AND, my hubby, Bo W. Daniels, has joined me in the writing of exciting books. So, even though it is only my name listed for the event, we will both be there - with masks on, safely meeting other authors, greeting readers and hopefully selling lots of books. We will be set up in the Indie Authors Pavilion on Saturday, March 12th, from 10am-12:00 noon.

I found it interesting that one of the Presenting Authors attending this year is none other than the actor Lou Diamond Phillips. And I’m looking forward to meeting one of my favorite mystery writers in person, J.A. Jance.

For more information about the festival, please go to: www.tucsonfestivalofbooks.org. To read about us after getting on the site, click on ‘Authors’ - ‘2022 Indie Pavilion Authors’ - 'Sladekova, Rebecca’.

Hope to see you there.

December 2021

After nearly two years of staying home and not doing any book signings or parties, selling only via our website, at work (Bo does this), or to people we happen to meet in person, we are finally beginning to walk the path of a published author again…but now in Arizona.

It began in November with us getting our books into a local art studio. Then we branched out and got them into a Bisbee Bookstore and a shop in Tombstone. The owners of the bookstore informed us that they sponser authors and other artists in the little mall in front of their store, and they just happened to have an opening the following week due to a cancellation. Thus, we were pleased to do a book signing in Bisbee in December. Besides selling some books, we made some great connections with other authors and artists in the area. And the icing on the cake was when two of our best friends came from Tucson to visit. Here are a few photos taken by our friends.

November 26, 2021

The past year-and-a-half has definitely been challenging for new Indie Authors, especially ones who are not fully engaged in the whole social media and e-book thing…as of yet. With a pandemic still raging, we are taking it slow, but are finally starting to get back into some book sales in public places. We’re happy to say that one of these places is an art studio not far from our new place of residence in Cochise County, Arizona.

We live in an area that is known as the gateway to the Cochise Stronghold, where the great Apache Chief, Cochise, was born, lived and died. The name of the studio is “Stronghold Art Gallery & Studio”, and as of November, we now have our books displayed for sale along with some handmade Native American beadwork. It’s wonderful to have a creator of fine art recognize that writing and publishing books is a form of art also.

For those of you traveling to the area, the studio is located in Cochise County, AZ on Highway 191 next to the Stronghold Cafe (which has wonderful food). This is just before you get into the small community of Sunsites. For the locals, it is in the old Heines Store. Hours are Wednesday through Sunday, 11pm-3pm.

(See below slideshow.)

-Jo & Bo

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