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You accept an interview for a position in a small town situated in a vast and rugged canyon. This is your opportunity to start a new life. But more than once you’re told, “This town is not what it seems.” You look around at the beautiful surroundings and think, how bad can it be?

As you settle into your new home, your eyes of understanding are opened and you begin to see things differently. Why are there armed guards at the entrance to the canyon? Why does a small town have a state of the art hospital and lab? Why do good people suddenly disappear or die?

How do you get away from evil when you’re not sure who or what is behind it? How long would you stay and fight? Until you lose your mind…or your life?

Find out what happens to PJ and Sissy Blue Wolf in their battle to survive, as they learn the Secrets of Coyote Canyon. Can true love and their very lives survive the corruption seeking to devour them? It is only fiction after all…or is it?


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Twenty-four intense hours of being put on-hold in the blazing Nevada desert with mysterious dead sheep, endless hours on the highways and a mouth that never stops. How were Jana Behringer, her husband Nathan and their two pups to survive the unbelievable chain of surreal occurrences, the deadly heat and their unhinged and frenetic cousin?

Take a step inside these pages and travel with them on what became an unforgettable journey, complete with fiery heat, voices heard but not seen, and fiendish attitudes.

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