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Co-Writer of Secrets of Coyote Canyon,

CAUTION: Danger ahead.

And Secrets of Coyote Canyon II,

Blue Wolfs on the Run.

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Bo W. Daniels' Bio

Bo grew up as a child in a small town in the Rockies of Montana. Even though he had difficulty with reading and writing, while still in elementary school he began to write a futuristic sci-fi story about time travel. But, when a classmate of his died in a fire, he left his story unfinished as he started asking questions and embarked on his own secret investigation into the death. This set in motion the churning of gears in his ever inquisitive mind.

Through the years, he has collected stories from family members, friends and his grandfather who had been a bronc buster and small town sheriff back in the early days of the twentieth century. He also loved to listen to his fathers stories, over and over again. Raising his own children, he would often put them to sleep at night telling them stories he came up with.

Using the experiences and stories he gathered in over 40 years in the construction field along with his wife’s experience and stories from the medical field, they have now started down a new path in life as a writing team, creating novels full of adventure, suspense, comedy and love.

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