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New book available now!


"Had me on the edge of my seat.  Well done!"

How do you get away from evil when you’re not sure who or what is behind it?

How long would you stay and fight for your life?

Find out what happens to PJ and Sissy Blue Wolf in their battle to survive as they learn the Secrets of Coyote Canyon.

Can true love and their very lives survive the corruption seeking to devour them? It is only fiction after all…or is it?

We appeared on iFIBER One KMAS to talk about Secrets of Coyote Canyon!

Step inside this

UNFORGETTABLE journey with

new author Jolene Sladekova.

"An exciting book, lots of laughs, tense moments, truly a great adventure. Well written!" - R.Adamson

"When you read a story like this you can’t help but feel...that maybe the next time you hit the road or step outside your front door you’ll have an adventure coming your way" - K.B.

Jolene Sladekova was interviewed on Daybreak with Jeff and Spencer from iFiber One Radio to talk about her book "The Mouth, The Heat and a Bus Load of Hippies".

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Get to know the authors

Jolene and Bo!  

Visit their events page for

upcoming readings and signings.

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